SNP bid to make hunting Tories legal

Hunting Tories is already legal north of the border and an amendment being tabled by the SNP aims to bring the law in England and Wales in line with Scotland.

The Scottish National Party are to table an amendment in Parliament calling for hunting Tories to be made legal in England and Wales.

The move comes ahead of a vote by MPs on a Tory amendment to relax the ban on fox hunting. With campaigners hopeful that the Tory amendment will be defeated, the SNP moved quickly to table a counter amendment which will bring the law in England and Wales in line with that in Scotland.

An SNP spokesman said, “The general election result showed that legal hunting of Tories in Scotland has been highly successful with the numbers of Tories dwindling north of the border. We have a huge amount of sympathy for people in England and Wales where hunting Tories remains illegal. The result of the general election showed that such an approach can’t continue and that only through hunting Tories can we get the UK wide election result that we want.”

Meanwhile backbench Labour MPs have reacted angrily to Harriet Harman’s decision not to back the SNP amendment. It is thought Harman’s position is part of her strategy to not do anything positive for the Labour Party during her stint as interim leader.

Rare in Scotland.

Rare in Scotland.


4 thoughts on “SNP bid to make hunting Tories legal

  1. Gets my vote. Right you plebs don’t feed the hounds. I’m just polishing the walnut on my Purdeys….or maybe the Holland and Hollands would be better suited. Decisions, decisions….I’m hoping to bag myself a brace of Duncan-Smith and May. Tally ho!


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