Mars Rover apologises for taking a piss on Mars as reason behind running liquid unveiled

“I didn’t think anyone would find out” says probe

A Mars Rover has issued a heartfelt apology for inadvertently misleading Nasa scientists who thought they had found evidence of running water on Mars.

The discover had been hailed as a major breakthrough by scientists who believed it offered the first real prospect of finding living organisms on the red planet. However, after much fanfare among the media about the discovery, the Mars Rover revealed that the pictures of what look like small streams are in fact images of his makeshift toilet.

Speaking exclusively to Not London News, the automated motor vehicle said, “It is all a bit embarrassing and I do feel sorry for the scientists who thought they’d made a major breakthrough. I’m meant to be helping them to make new discoveries on Mars but I can’t help but feel like I’ve inadvertently led them down the garden path. Having said that, they should have seen this coming given that last year they thought my numbers twos were proof that dogs are living on Mars and shitting everywhere.”

Nasa refused to comment.



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