‘Standing silently during national anthem’ ousts ‘being Scottish’ from the top of the Daily Mail faux outrage league table, whilst doing unspeakable things to pigs fails to make the top 100

The Daily Mail’s annual faux outrage league table has been published with ‘anger at someone standing silently in a respectful manner during the national anthem’ going straight in at number one among a top 100 list of things you should get really, really cross about.

It knocks ‘somebody being Scottish’, which topped the 2013 and 2014 league tables, off the number one spot, whilst ‘someone, particularly someone high up in the Labour Party having a dad who was a Marxist’ slips from number 6 to number 10.

Also in the top ten is ‘a brown person working in a customer relations role not speaking English to their also brown colleague whilst your waiting to be served’ and ‘people with a lot less money than you being given state support so that they don’t have to live in a ditch’.

Meanwhile, ‘being the leader of a major developed nation with a history of sticking your willy in a the mouth of a farmyard animal’ fails to make it into the top 100. ‘Selling off publicly assets on the cheap such as the royal mail and the banks’ is also conspicuous by its absence from the list. Nor is their a place for ‘large multinationals not paying any tax’.

For the full list visit the Daily Mail website where you’ll be distracted by pictures of Kim Kardashian wearing a bikini and find yourself forgetting why it was you went on the website in the first place.



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