This is a satirical news site written from a non-London perspective. This is a fictional and fun website and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. It mostly pokes fun at the attitude of the London based national media, politicians and the London establishment towards the rest of the UK, the North of England in particular. I won’t say too much more because explaining the joke usually ruins it !

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh at last! A fellow northern soul who isn’t afraid to be rude about stuff that ain’t churned out by the Same Old Same Old. Love this. See you in Wormwood Scrubs, no doubt. Bloody Revolutionary Marxist Tea Drinking Scum, you…


  2. Thanks for following my blog, but are you sure this site of yours is satirical? Some of it has a veracity about it sadly missing from the likes of the Daily Heil, Daily Diana etc!!!!


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